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Who We Are

Custard Chronicles:                      Our Scoop, Our Story

The Meadows Original Frozen Custard got its start in the summer of 1950 when J.V. Richard and Delbert Meadows opened a small custard stand in Duncansville, PA. Lines over fifty people deep formed immediately. It was an instant success and remains a great success to this day.


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The Meadows Original Frozen Custard — our own family recipe that has remained unchanged since 1950. Made fresh throughout the day – EVERY DAY – right in front of your eyes.  Chocolate, vanilla, and two new flavors daily! Check out our monthly calendar for more.


Indulge in the ultimate treat with our One Topping Sundae! Customize your sundae with a variety of delicious toppings like hot fudge, strawberry, caramel, and marshmallow. Whether you’re craving something sweet or just want to treat yourself, our One Topping Sundae is the perfect choice.

Italian Ice

Sweet and refreshing, churned fresh in-house. Try mixing and matching flavors!

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